Are you a blogger who wants a platform? Come work with Glasgow West End Today

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Do you want to talk to a growing audience in the West End?

Today we are inviting bloggers and entrepreneurial thinkers to work with us as we continue to grow.

The deal? We help you create the content which we present and host on our website.

Bloggers: Your words could reach and new and growing audience.

Why? Well we believe we have a platform that is fast becoming an effective way to reach a local audience.

We also want to bring fresh voices and views to our site.

So, you may be in business and want a simple and effective way of reaching potential customers.

You may be a writer or a blogger – someone who wants to promote your own content to a wider audience.

We can link to your own site for a more in-depth version of what you create for us.

Or you may be a hobbying expert who wants to spread the word about an interest, a subject – a passion.

It could be food, theatre, museums, nature in the West End. It’s your choice.

Audience: Glasgow West End Today is reaching more than 18,000 unique monthly readers.

And if you are any of the above, you may not want to write – you may just want to create a short mobile video.

Films are easy to produce and put together. You choose your theme – and we can give you help polishing your ideas.

Depending on what you want to promote, it may not even cost you anything other than your time.

If it’s your business you want to promote – we can host your blog/film for as little as £80 a month.

And if you choose to advertise alongside your blog or videos, we can offer extremely competitive packages.

Community: hyperlocal journalism is a new take on local news.

And you could always just advertise. The choice is yours.

Drop us a line and we could discuss rates and packages.

Set up just a year ago, we are already attracting 18,000 unique monthly users to our website.

Around 90 per cent of our readers are in Glasgow – and many of them in or connected to the West End.

And people are also enjoying our social media feeds too – with a joint Facebook and Twitter audience in excess of 9,000.

In business? Use a blog or film to reach customers.

Editor Ian Marland says the platform can only get bigger – while remaining focused on the West End.

“There is a strong need for a local platform that produces and hosts unique content.

“Our traffic is growing quickly and we invite people and businesses who want to be heard to be a part of our success.”

“Please get in touch today if you see a way we could work together.”

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