Twelve bicycles are stolen in separate thefts across West End over the weekend

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A dozen bicycles have been taken by thieves from different parts of the West End over the weekend.

Bikes disappeared from locations including Byres Road, Finnieston and Lancefield Quay.

Police say locks were cut in many of thefts to release the bikes.

Bike racks
Hotspots: Byres Road is a favourite haunt for thieves who often carry bolt cutters.

A police spokesman said: “We have had 12 bikes stolen over the weekend from various locations.

“We are asking people to take care how they secure their bikes and where they secure them.”

The West End has traditionally been a target for thieves.

The big population of students has added to the numbers of bikes on the streets.

Police have recently made a number of arrests in connection with bike thefts, but incidents still occur.

Help: Anyone with information about bike thefts should contact West End Police on 101.

Byres Road is one hotspot.

Bike thieves are known to carry bolt cutters in plastic carrier bags to quickly snip through cheap cables and locks.

Theft prevention advice states owners should spend at least 10% of the value of their bike on locks and chains.

So, if you’re bike is worth £300, you need to be looking at a chain or D-lock – or both – to the value of at least £30.

It is also advisable to secure bikes in a public places that will be less appealing to thieves.

Anyone with information about bike crime should call West End Police on 101.

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