School chiefs say yes to Notre Dame High consultation but without giving timescale

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A consultation will be held in to the future of schooling at Notre Dame High School in the West End.

City schools convener Chris Cunningham announced the move just hours after campaigners handed in a petition at the City Chambers.

Parents at feeder school Notre Dame Primary School this week claimed cross party support in their call to end single-sex schooling at the local secondary.

Notre Dame High For All
Campaign: parents had only this week claimed cross-party support for a consultation

The Roman Catholic school – the only state-funded girls school in Scotland – is also popular with Muslim families.

Parents say the decades-old practice of admitting girls only discriminates against boys and local families who want to school their children near to their homes.

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Cllr Cunningham said the city council had listened to the calls and agreed it was important to listen to both sides.

He said however the consultation would only follow a wider review of catchment area rules across the city.

“I can therefore confirm that it is our intention, following the city wide reviews, to consider the issues raised by those campaigning for change at Notre Dame via a consultation.”

He added: “In concluding I would ask all parents, campaigning for both the status quo and for change, to draw breath, and to recognise that if we are to reach a satisfactory outcome we need to do so in an orderly way.

“I acknowledge the sense of urgency amongst some parents, but the position of Notre Dame has not sprung out of nowhere.


“Its single sex status has been in place for decades.

“The consultation will be an opportunity for all to engage and express their views.”

Parents have been campaigning under the banner Notre Dame High For All (NDH4ALL).

A NDH4ALL statement read: “While we welcome Councillor Cunningham’s announcement today that there will be a consultation on ending gender discrimination at Notre Dame High School, we are disappointed that no timescale has been given.

“It is highly unfair to have this uncertainty over our children’s – and, indeed, the school’s – future.

“Time is running out for our local children as they reach secondary age.

“Additionally, it is a huge waste of public time and money to review the entire city’s secondary catchment areas and then later pick it apart again for one school.

“Notre Dame High School’s gender entry requirements have to be addressed concurrently.”

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