Police to step up presence in Kelvingrove Park with dogs and horses after stabbing

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Police are to come down heavy on anti-social behaviour in Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Park.

Recent events have spurred the authorities to mount a greater presence in the area.

A rubbish-strewn bin in Kelvingrove Park
Trashed: the park has been abused by a minority of users in recent weeks

On Wednesday evening, officers were called to reports of a large-scale disturbance on the park’s hill.

One teenager was reportedly stabbed and another arrested.

Social media images showed scuffles among youths with police in attendance.

It followed an assault last Friday in which a man was attacked with a bottle following a Jake Bugg concert.

Litter in Kelvingrove Park
Mess: litter appears to have been made worse by people drinking and not clearing up

The police’s new stance was set out in a Twitter post earlier on Thursday.

It read: “Due to an increase of ASB within Kelvingrove Park officers will be working with partners to maximise our presence within the Park.

“We will have additional officers working along side our specialist units including @polscotdogs & @polscothorses to address community concerns”

Recent weeks has seen the park filled with thousands of people enjoying the warm weather.

But a significant minority of visitors have marred recent turnouts.

The park has been repeatedly left strewn with litter, including beers cans and wine bottles – despite the drinking of alcohol being prohibited.

It is expected that police will now take proactive measures to enforce bylaws.

Many of the signs on the entrances to the park don’t make mention of alcohol being outlawed.

Signs at entrances to Kelvingrove Park
No alcohol: you’d never know from signs at the entrance to the park

Drinking seems to have fuelled the escalation in litter and disorder.

Despite the council installing massive new bins, rubbish was been left across the grass on a daily basis.

A spokesman said: “We have four permanent CCTV cameras sited within Kelvingrove Park.

“We will provide the police with whatever support we can in the course of their inquiries.

“We routinely work in partnership with the police to ensure community safety.

“Public order and enforcement of the by-law that prohibits public drinking are matters for the police.”

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