VIDEO: It will be an offence to park cars on pavements under new law, says MSP

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Motorists will be educated not to park on pavements before fines are introduced, says Sandra White.

The Glasgow Kelvin MSP says the measures are needed to reclaim the pavements for pedestrians – including mothers and fathers with prams and disabled people.

She was speaking after her proposals took a giant step forward this week.

Sandra White MSP
Measures: Glasgow Kelvin MSP Sandra White has been pushing her responsible parking laws for many years

The Scottish government has adopted Sandra’s ‘responsible parking’ measures into its proposed Transport (Scotland) Bill.

Under the legislation, regulations would be introduced prohibiting pavement and double parking, with enforcement powers enabling local authorities to take action.

Councils would have the choice to opt into the powers, but the expectation is that Glasgow will take up the measures.

The Glasgow Kelvin MSP has welcomed proposals she has been pushing for 10 years now being put forward by ministers.

Sandra’s Responsible Parking Campaign was supported by Guide Dogs for the Blind and Living Streets.

‘Need for change’

A consultation was carried out into the plans by Transport Scotland.

The MSP for Glasgow Kelvin said: “After many years of hard work on this issue, I am delighted to see responsible parking proposals included in this bold and radical transport agenda.”

“I look forward to being involved in the development of these reforms and in supporting the wider aims of the bill which will bring new powers and focus to creating a responsive and sustainable transport network.

“I would like to thank all who have supported this campaign, including Guide Dogs for the Blind and Living Streets, as well as the many respondents to the consultation, for highlighting the need for change.

Watch: Sandra White explains her responsible parking measures

“This piece of legislation will have life changing impacts across the country, I am immensely proud that these proposals are being adopted and thank the Scottish Government for taking action to keep our streets safe and accessible for all.”

The Bill also includes reforms to bus service frameworks including provision for publicly-run services, nation-wide standards for adoption of low emission zones, and national smart ticketing across public transport.

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