VIDEO: ‘We think 200 people protested at the threat to flower beds in Victoria Park’

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They came with placards and posters – to protest at cost-cutting plans they say are unacceptable.

The Friends of Victoria Park (FoVP) say they were horrified when the council proposed grassing over 28 flower beds.

The loss would amount to around 40 per cent of the park’s central ornamental feature.

Victoria Park flower beds
Demo: protesters old and young turned out

At the weekend, the volunteers mobilised the local community to make their feelings clear.

And estimates suggest up to 200 people duly turned out on a blistering Sunday afternoon.

Local councillors Maggie McTernan and Abe Aibinu showed their support.

The Friends have been behind the transformation of the Fossil Grove corner of the park in recent months.

But they say the planting of the ornamental flower beds is beyond their resources.

Victoria Park flower beds
Colour: the local community came with placards and posters

Michael Herrigan is the convener of FoVP.

“At a meeting, the council came and said would we like to take over the planting etcetera of 28 formal beds – and if you don’t they’re going to be grassed over.

“Basically, we thought this was an horrific plan, and a threat to what is a designated landscape by Historic Scotland.

“It’s very much part of the heritage of our city – the Victorian heritage.

“This park has been here since 1887.

“Horror-struck is the only way I can it.

“So we would like the council to preserve these beds forever as part of the fabric of the park, and give us that pledge that they will do so.

“And I think everybody here today will support that.”

Victoria Park and flower beds
Beds: the flowers have been a feature of the park since 1887

Michael added: “It has been a great turnout – 200 (people), something like that.

“I don’t to exaggerate, but it’s been a really, really good show.

“I’m really proud of our members and all the members of the public.

“If you want to show your support, join Friends of Victoria Park so we can fight against these plans by the council and improve this wonderful Victoria Park.”

It may be several weeks before the next moves are played out in the battle of the flower beds.

A meeting has been arranged between the Friends and the council.

Glasgow City Council faces making millions of pounds of savings to balance its books.

The authority has said tough choices have to be made to protect front line services.

Watch: protest over plans to axe flower beds at Victoria Park

A council spokesman said: “There is a proposal to reduce the overall number of flower beds within Victoria Park, and a meeting will be set up in August with the local elected members and the Friends of Victoria Park (and perhaps another group) to discuss a way forward.”

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