Families to stage demo at Scotstoun road hotspot as part of nationwide campaign

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A mini-protest will take place at a busy road junction in the West End this weekend.

Local residents and families in Scotstoun are coming together to call for a safe crossing at Westland Drive.

The protest is among 20 or so local demos being organised under the Pedal on Parliament banner.

Crossing point
Residents say the junction at Westland Drive is dangerous

Local organiser Andy Watson said people were being put at risk by the present set up at the junction.

He and others are hoping to put pressure on Glasgow City Council to install a pelican/zebra crossing between the entrance to Victoria Park and Victoria Park nature walk.

He said: “As a father of three young children, we use this crossing every week and it can be terrifying trying to control young children, desperate to be in the park, at an extremely busy junction.

“Many families feel as we do and especially those who visit the park with children.

“Cars often pass at speed and the pedestrian refuge island in the middle of the road is too small to safely hold a pram or children on bikes/scooters.

“We are keen to raise awareness that this junction creates a real barrier between Victoria Park and Victoria Park Nature walk which is used by thousands of people.

Crossing point
Families with children say it can be a nightmare crossing the road at busy times

“As it stands cars have priority at this junction with pedestrians, often with children, are forced to wait for a break in traffic.

“We believe pedestrians should have priority at this junction.”

The event is part of a full weekend of cycling action co-ordinated by Pedal on Parliament (PoP), which is campaigning to make Scotland a cycle-friendly country.

Pedal on Parliament traditionally hold an annual mass ride to Holyrood to protest the need for better cycling provision.

This year the group is focusing on local protests, aimed at improvements that could be made by local councils.

Pedal on Parliament campaigns for better cycling provision in Scotland

Events are happening as far and wide as Inverness, Dumfries, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, Aberdeen and Dundee.

Joint organiser Iona Shepherd said: “Many barriers to cycling can be easily fixed and so we aim to point some of those out with our creative protests.

“Our councils really need to start walking the active travel talk we are hearing from them, and we’d like to see them translate that onto our road to make cycling a safe way to get around for everyone, of all ages and abilities.”

The Scotstoun protest will be on Sunday April 28 at 10am. Local politicians are expected to attend.

For further details about where the protests are happening click here.

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