Yorkhill & Kelvingrove reveals new video in final pitch for safe cycling and walking

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A powerful new film has been produced by the team behind the ‘Yorkhill & Kelvingrove Cycling Village’ project.

Different voices come together in the video to say why active travel is vital.

Local people have given up hundreds of hours of their time to push the project forward.

Yorkhill & Kelvingrove Cycling Village
Different voices say why active travel is so important in the area

A bid has just been submitted to the sustainable travel organisation Sustrans Scotland.

A final presentation was made by the team on Friday when the film was shown for the first time.

Millions of pounds of funding could be unlocked if the group is successful.

‘Positive dialogue’

Wendy Shaw, with Yorkhill & Kelvingrove Cycling Village, said: “I couldn’t be there, but I heard it went brilliantly.

“There was a really positive dialogue and we are optimistic about the outcome.

“We are hoping to hear whether we have been successful later in the summer.”

The film sets out how the scheme to improve cycling and walking around Kelvingrove and Yorkhill has been led by the community.

Yorkhill & Kelvingrove Cycling Village
Millions of pounds of funding could be unlocked by the bid

A nursery manager is among those who say improvements to local streetscape is needed.

Siobhan Gillies says traffic calming measures and better crossings would make the area safer for children.

Disability campaigner Kim Brownlie says: “The Cycling Village is important to me because everywhere needs to be accessible.”


Other voices say Glasgow’s grid road system has hindered safe cycling and walking.

Business owner Kevan Cargill: “Glasgow is not designed to be a cycle-friendly city.”

The film explains that the plans will see more cycle lanes put in and an extension of the mural trail.

How the team tweeted after Friday’s presentation

More trees will be planted, pavements made smoother for walking, more dropped kerbs – and one-way streets to help traffic flow.

Yorkhill & Kelvingrove Community Council (yokecoco) has led the local efforts with help from Glasgow City Council.


Yokecoco secretary Lee Grant said: “We are delighted with the new video.

“It will be a powerful tool to help us get our message out about the Cycling Village project.

“We believe our residents and visitors should be able to access all of our services and attractions through better infrastructure.”

Watch: Glasgow’s Cycling Village project

The high-end video was made by Glasgow-based production company Cue The Mustard.

It has been cut into different versions for each social media platform.

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