Maryhill Burgh Halls to host free nature workshops and activities for all the family

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Maryhill Burgh Halls is opening its doors to the work of an important nature charity.

As part of The Conservation Volunteers’ special 60th anniversary Big Green Weekend event, TCV Scotland will be showcasing its past, present and future to demonstrate the range of conservation, education and nature-based health projects at the West End venue on September 20.

The Conservation Volunteers’ special 60th anniversary Big Green Weekend

TCV’s Big Green Weekend is an opportunity to showcase the scale and breadth of the activities TCV volunteers deliver week in, week out across the UK, and a chance to say a huge thanks to all the amazing volunteers.

The event will include formal presentations by partners and volunteers celebrating TCV’s work and plans for the future, to an invite-only audience.

From 1:15 – 3pm, the event is open to the public, with free outdoor workshops and activities demonstrating a range of skills, and wildlife and nature activities for all the family.

Like-minded people

TCV Scotland offers a wide range of environmental activity for all in helping to protect and enhance our local greenspace and biodiversity whilst also learning new skills, getting fitter, engaging with your environment and meeting other like-minded people.

Darren York, TCV chief executive, said “TCV’s Big Green Weekend is a celebration of the valuable green spaces – which are under increasing pressure in these challenging economic times – and the individuals who freely give their time for their protection.

“It is often thanks to the efforts of the volunteers across the UK that they are cared for and improved for the benefit of people and nature.”

Maryhill Burgh Halls
Maryhill Burgh Halls is open to the public between 1.15 and 3pm on Friday September 20. Photo: Google

Ralph Walker, TCV Marketing Executive, said “TCV’s annual Big Green Weekend showcases the scale and breadth of the activities we deliver week-in-week-out across the UK.

“It’s a chance for the public to join in, feel good and find out more about TCV, the community volunteering charity.

“It’s also a chance to say a huge thanks to all our amazing volunteers across the UK and celebrate our 60th anniversary.

“TCV brings people together, strengthening communities and improving wellbeing.

“Our volunteers work to protect and enhance our everyday green spaces for the benefit of wildlife and for us all to enjoy; which really is something to celebrate.”

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