Graffiti grandparents paint Yorkhill red to prove that age is no barrier to street art

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Older people in Glasgow have discovered their inner Banksy – at a special spray painting session in the West End.

Glasgow street artist Davey Knox put the unusual intake through their paces at the SWG3 multi-arts venue on Eastvale Place.

Woman spraying paint on a wall
Paint it red: Beth Howitt gets a lesson from Davey Knox

The spray can students are all tenants from GHA and Loretto Housing, which are both part of Wheatley Group -Scotland’s leading housing, property management and care organisation.

Graffiti Grandparents is open to all tenants at GHA, Cube and Loretto Housing who receive the Livingwell service.

The service, which is run by Loretto Care – also part of Wheatley Group – is designed to help older people live in their homes for longer and enjoy activities that help connect them to their community.

The Livingwell service is run by Loretto Care, which is also part of Wheatley Group – Scotland’s leading housing, property management and care organisation.

‘Lovely colours’

GHA tenant Thomas Grady, who is 75 and lives in Carntyne said: “This gets the imagination going. I have really enjoyed it – being in the sun, meeting new people and working with all these lovely colours.

“I have been to a craft class before but this is completely different.”

His neighbour, Robert Little, who is 89, added: “You would be a poor man not to enjoy this.”

Loretto Housing tenant, Agnes Wilson, 81, from Partickhill, said: “I thoroughly enjoyed myself and had great fun. It’s a great crowd of people.

“I have done art in the past, but more landscapes and animals. This is totally different.

“I keep waiting for the police to come up and chase me”.

Wall artists: (left to right) Thomas Grady, Davey Knox and Martha Goldie

And GHA tenant Beth Howitt, 81, from Castlemilk said: “It has been super – lots of fun.

“I enjoyed looking at the art – some of the work is lovely. It is very different and it has also been good to meet different people from different parts of the city. It has been a lovely day.”

Street artist Davey Knox, who took the session, said: “People have a misconception that graffiti art is just for young people. We need to break down that barrier.

“It is good to get the message across that it is for everyone and everyone can have a shot at expressing themselves.”

As well as creating their own Livingwell themed mural, the tenants were also given a tour of murals at SWG3 and a talk about the history and heritage of street art as part of a new Graffiti Grandparents initiative.

Livingwell service manager Ailsa Docherty said: “This was a great chance for tenants to get together, express themselves and learn a new skill.

“It was a really fun morning and a different way for people to enjoy a creative activity.”

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