GlasGLOW entrepreneur says his Pumpkin Fund will help local communities in need

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Money raised at the GlasGLOW event in the West End will be used to buy a minibus for autistic children.

The pledge was made by the West End businessman behind the light and sound spectacular.

Oli Norman said it was important that the event taking place at Glasgow Botanic Gardens gives back to the community.

Pumpkin with sticker
The itison Pumpkin Fund has been launched ahead of GlasGLOW

He was speaking as he launched The itison Pumpkin Fund.

The minibus fundraiser is just the start of a programme of giving he hopes to build upon in years to come.

His online deals and events brand is investing £750,000 in GlasGLOW this year. More than 60,000 tickets have already been sold.

The run of evening shows gets under way on Friday and lasts until November 10.

‘Positive impact’

The itison Pumpkin Fund is a new community engagement initiative that will allow GlasGLOW to give back.

Oli, CEO of itison and creator of GlasGLOW, said: “It was important to me that with GlasGLOW comes good and that every year we’re making a positive impact to the community, so I’m really excited to be launching The itison Pumpkin Fund.

“We’ve already given away 1,000 tickets to people who need it most and committed to donate and fundraise for an ‘Off we GLOW’ minibus for autistic children at Highpark LCR Primary in Ruchill.

Oli Norman
CEO of itison and creator of GlasGLOW Oli Norman, who lives in the West End

“This is just the beginning for The itison Pumpkin Fund, we’re aiming to go even bigger and better next year, so however big or small, we hope you’ll join us in helping GlasGLOW give back!”

The itison Pumpkin Fund has given away 1,000 tickets to local community groups, charities and individuals who need it most

itison is also donating its own funds as well as fundraising at the show for a much needed ‘Off we GLOW’ minibus for autistic children at Highpark LCR Primary in Ruchill, to allow them to get out and explore the city.

Healthy eating

Meanwhile, itison has engaged local schools and community groups across the city to take part in a community effort to create The Pumpkin Patch.

Pumpkins have been delivered to schools and groups to carve and decorate in a programme aimed at promoting healthy eating and creativity to kids (and adults alike).

The Pumpkins then make their way to The Pumpkin Patch at GlasGLOW for thousands of GlasGLOWers to enjoy every evening.

GlasGLOW will be a big draw for people to the West End over Halloween

itison has secured 5 major supermarkets – Tesco, Lidl, Waitrose, Iceland and Sainsburys, along with the Glasgow Fruit Market to donate hundreds of pumpkins to the project.

Once these pumpkins have past their best, they’re broken down into renewable energy by Changeworks Recycling and turned into power for Glasgow.

Limited tickets for GlasGLOW are still available.
Tickets are priced at:
Adult off peak – £14 (Mon – Wed)
Adult peak – £18 (Thurs – Sun & 31st October)
Child off peak – £9 (Mon – Wed)
Child peak – £11.50 (Thurs – Sun & 31st October)
Under 3s go free

For tickets visit and like itisonGlasGLOW on Facebook.

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