Park Life: ‘Knightswood Park is charming … we really do inhabit a dear green place’

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There is no better feeling than stepping onto a park, damp grass underfoot, and embracing the peace and quiet with the sun rising behind Anniesland Cross.

Buddy is in full agreement with this regime and welcomes the opportunity to extend those short legs and exercise his big heart on a different stretch of turf.

Buddy the dog
Buddy welcomes an opportunity to extend his legs.

Knightswood Park is just off Great Western Road, round the corner from Freddies Food Club, and heads towards Archerhill Road.

The Garscadden Burn trickles gently past the model boat pond, home to a variety of birds.


He really is quite a considerate little fellow, carefully tiptoeing round the sleeping mallards.

Staring down the barrel of his own mortality recently has triggered a more mature attitude, in some respects.

Birds in the park
Knightswood Park and its birds are just off Great Western Road

There have been fewer handbags with larger dogs, the penny finally dropping that the difference in physique isn’t really to his advantage even although years of running have turned him into a mini muscleman.

Paddling along on the water is a pair of moorhens; close by a family of mute swans are stirring, the young ones fluffing their little wings while a pair of greylags watch over proceedings before going for a dip, all very park life.


It’s heartening to see a few kindred spirits running at this hour, preparing for the day ahead; cheery waves are exchanged.

Children have also been busy during lockdown, leaving brightly coloured displays below some trees; dragons, a Peter Rabbit, an egg cup and spoon left out for the fairies.

Signs on a tree
Young visitors leave brightly coloured displays on some of the trees.

Their messages of ‘stay safe, be happy, have fun’ and ‘make a wish’ are reminders of an innocence we can all relate to when visiting a park.

Knightswood Park is a charming spot, we really do inhabit a dear green place in the West End.

The dawn birdlife is a bonus, along with the doggy companionship.

* Keep up with Buddy and Ronnie as they sample Glasgow’s ‘Park Life’ during lockdown.

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