‘We want to tell your story in a way that social media audiences will read and like’

West End People
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Glasgow West End Today is launching a new paid feature service to help our local businesses.

‘West End People’ is a promotional package designed for social media audiences.

The product is for clients who have active Facebook and Instagram accounts and who want to work closely with an established and experienced local content creator.

West End People
West End People is designed for social media audiences.

Features are created by us and posted on our website and targeted social media channels which have more than 30,000 followers. (Read more here)

The features work best with social media users who are tuned into the benefits of boosting content.

The informal Question & Answer feature style has been created to engage social media users.

Facebook and Instagram love ‘people’ content – and especially when that content tells a story.


The features will suit owners and individuals who are happy and confident at putting themselves in the spotlight.

Commercial messaging is a big part of the article but is not predominant.

Stories can cover the experiences of setting up; challenges faced in the present climate; and hopes for the future.

Clients have editorial input and full oversight before publication.

Editor Ian Marland said trials of the content had gone well.


West End People. Banner
The informal Question & Answer style has been created to engage social media users.


“We want to do what we can for businesses in Glasgow and the West End.

“West End People is about raising profiles and telling stories.

“It is an opportunity for people behind the scenes to engage with their audiences.

“The key is striking the right balance between commercial and personal messaging.”

Postings are done as Instagram and Facebook ‘paid partnerships’ between Glasgow West End Today and the client.

Partnership working suits businesses who have active and engaged social media audiences.

‘Control and boost’

Content is also shared on Twitter under the #sponsored hashtag.

Ideal partners will already be promoting and boosting content using Facebook and Instagram.

Ian said: “If paid partnership is something new to you, it is definitely worth checking out.

“Partnership working through Facebook and Instagram allows businesses to control content that has been made for them and boost whenever and however much they want.”

Clients can opt for a feature-only package or an advertising package with feature included.

West End People. Banner
‘If paid partnership is something new to you, it is definitely worth checking out’



‘West End People’ feature: £165 + Vat

* 800-word Question & Answer feature, written and produced by an experienced journalist

* 4 x publication-quality body images. Plus 1 x title image

* Paid partnership promotion on Facebook and Instagram audience (incl. 20,000 our audience)

* Promotion on Twitter, via SIX tweets under the #sponsored hashtag

* Additional 20-second social media video for Twitter promotion

* Permission for you to use in full or repurpose ALL of our content for your own social channels and platforms (on condition material is credited and linked/tagged back to our site/channels. We retain copyright)


‘West End People’ feature + on-site advertising: £295 + Vat

* All above + advertising package of 25,000 ad impressions over a two-week period on Glasgow West End Today (UUV: 46,000, Google Analytics, May 2020)

* Site banner and body text ads linked to client URLs


PROMOTIONAL OFFERS (subject to change and limited availability)

* Clients taking out the Feature-Only option will receive a £10 boost to their post

* Those taking out the Feature + Ad will receive a £20 boost


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