‘Our social media service will help groups and businesses grow key local audience’

Introducing The Social Club
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Glasgow West End Today has announced the launch of a new social media service.

The Social Club is for small businesses and groups who want to grow their local audience.

We want to work with ‘members’ in the West End on developing and growing their channels.

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For small local businesses and groups.

We think we can offer something different because we can use our own channels to boost what you post.

We will provide coaching, content and engagement via our feeds to grow your following.

Editor Ian Marland said The Social Club was about sharing knowledge and support.

He said: “We need to think of new ways of doing business in the age of pandemic.

“Partnering is a great way to use our skills and audience to help local businesses and groups.


“Members will not only benefit from our expertise, they will also tap into our targeted media channels.

“The goal is to help members reach the people that matter – customers and supporters.

“If you think our audience is your audience, and you want to learn how to reach that audience, then this is for you.”

The club will help like-minded businesses grow engaged followings via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

It will also work with small groups and organisations that want to engage more effectively.

Glasgow West End Today has grown a highly engaged audience through targeted, positive content.

Working in partnership in the West End.

Members or partners pay a monthly fee of £95 + Vat* – with a minimum commitment of three months.

However, partners can leave after the first month if they choose. All monies will be refunded.

Each month membership buys you:

* 30-minute get-to-know-you and catch-up session (remotely, if preferred)

* Ten-point coaching and content strategy for you to work to each month

* Original content for your channels: 1 x short social video, 5 x text/photo tweets

* Instant feedback and advice on posts and content

* Engagement via Glasgow West End Today, across Twitter, and via Stories on Facebook and Instagram

* Monthly analysis and performance report

Please note: The Social Club is NOT a social media management service.

The model requires groups and businesses to control their feeds under tuition.

As partners you will receive coaching, and some content will be created for you.

And when that content is loaded and posted by you, you will gain from engagement with our channels and audience.

Ian said: “Coaching builds sustainable social media understanding and strategies among partners.

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The Social Club: Reaching the people that matter – on the doorstep.

“Management creates a dependency that organisations may not want to carry forward.

“The Social Club is not about chasing numbers but attracting the right people – those on the doorstep.”

Partnerships formed at The Social Club could grow organically.

Ian said: “By focusing initially on social media, we can then develop other ways of working together with our partners.

‘Management creates a dependency that organisations may not be able to afford in these times.

‘The Social Club is not about chasing numbers, but attracting the right people – those on the doorstep’

Ian Marland 

“This might be sponsored story-telling or paid partnerships on Facebook and Instagram.

“We can create simple video content and compelling articles to tell your story.

“The one thing the pandemic has highlighted is the importance of effective digital messaging.”

Ian added: “Glasgow West End Today is based and produced in the West End.

“It is in our interest to see our business and community partners survive and thrive.

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Developing other ways of working together.

“We are uniquely placed to work with local partners in a new kind of partnership.

“We think The Social Club will bring real benefits in challenging times ahead.”

Ian set up Glasgow West End Today in 2016.

He has worked in journalism for more than 25 years and was previously news editor at The Herald in Glasgow.

The Social Club is one of several partnering ideas that will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Keep watching here for more details.

* The Social Club membership is based on partners having some understanding and experience of using social media. Tailored packages can be arranged for people who are new to social media. Please note that membership will vary between only six and 10 partners a month, so places may be limited depending on demand. Glasgow West End Today reserves the right to choose its partners based on location and shared aims. Email ian.marland@icloud.com for more details.

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