For local businesses that have a story to tell and want to reach a mobile audience

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Glasgow West End Today has developed a new promotional service for local businesses.

We have devised a package of words, pictures and social video which works brilliantly for mobile audiences.

The key to the formula is telling a story about your business or organisation in an engaging and creative way.

The package, which we call ‘West End Shout Out’, costs £150 + VAT.

It is more than passive print advertising and we think more effective and better value for money.

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West End Shout Out is a unique service in Glasgow.


Why do we think that?

* Audience. We have a highly targeted local audience and more than 33,000 social media followers.

* Engaging. We don’t create ads. We tell stories about people, businesses and organisations working in our community.

* Words. Our original articles which run to 500 words, are professionally-sourced and presented.

* Video. Our simple social videos are powerful messaging tools that get thousands of views.

* Photos. We offer up to four good quality iPhone images that work best for social audiences.

* Active. We repeatedly share and push content for 72 hours across all our channels.

* Control. Our ‘paid partnership’ formula means our customers can boost and monitor posts.

* Ownership. You keep the content we make for your own channels  (we retain copyright but allow use with credits).

* Accessible. Crucially, audiences get your messaging direct to their devices with no print hassles.

* Service. Our bespoke package and low-volume model ensures the client gets personal attention.

* Follow-up. We provide an infographic of stats showing how your campaign performed.

* Competitive. We are offering our package at £150 + Vat. See details below.

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Clients get personal service and follow-up information.

Editor Ian Marland said recent months had been a steep learning curve for the site.

“We know local businesses are desperate to get their messages out to a local audience.

“In this time of uncertainty and economic stress, cost-effective and targeted promotion is vital.


“We also know people are increasingly turning to smart devices and phones for their content.

“Coronavirus has accelerated that trend and the direction of travel looks to be one way.

“Traditional platforms are struggling to offer the coverage they did before the pandemic.

“We think West End Shout Out can meet the demand for high-quality promotional content.

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Traditional platforms are struggling to offer the coverage they did before the pandemic.

“At the heart of what we are doing is telling the engaging stories behind our businesses.

“The clients we have worked with on similar packages have recorded great reach and engagement.

“It has been important to offer what we think is a real value-for-money product.

“The content we publish can be re-used by the client and even sent on to 3rd-party publishers.

“We don’t think that concept has ever been tried before.


“We think it’s an attractive press and marketing package for businesses with a small budget.”

Glasgow West End Today recently worked with Partick home and lifestyle store and coffee house Colab Store.

The content hit more than 14,000 people on Facebook and Instagram.

Meanwhile, the paid article was read by 3,300 people at and nearly 5,500 people watched the social media video.

Co-owner Karen Haas told us: “We had lots of views and we were happy we did it. Your content was great, so thank you.”



See our previous paid partnership posts here:

CoLab Store: Dowanhill Street. Instagram & Facebook reach, 14,000; Website, 3,300; video views, 5,450.

McGraff Barbering: Byres Road. Instagram & Facebook reach, 14,800; Website, 3,400; video views, 7,300.

Ashby’s Fruit & Veg: Hyndland Street. Instagram & Facebook reach, 17,200; Website, 3,400; video views, 4,700.

More information about our audience can be found here.


The package: £150 + VAT

  • 500-word article
  • 30-40 second social media video
  • Promotion across all our social media channels over 72 hours.
  • Promotion involves: 2 x Tweets – plus 2 x retweets; 1 x Facebook post; 1 x Instagram post;  1 x Facebook Story; 1 x Instagram Story (EIGHT ACTIONS).
  • Guaranteed a minimum reach of 4,000 across Facebook and Instagram, although final reach should be much higher.
  • Permission to repost or repurpose our feature on your channels (all we ask is you credit Glasgow West End Today)
  • Permission to use up to FOUR images and the social media video for your own channels
  • (IMPORTANT NOTE: We retain copyright to all materials but extend permission to use with credit to ‘Glasgow West End Today’).

Note: we reserve the right to promote content further than specified if we think our audiences will benefit.

All clients are asked to fill out a simple question form which helps inform the promotion and article.

A follow-up interview is carried out by phone lasting no more than 15 minutes.

Finally, we will come to you to gather the images needed for the article and social media video. Please allow 40 minutes.

  • West End Shout Out is available to any local businesses however we reserve the right to decline promotions if we feel they would not work for out audience. Promotional offers may be available. Please get in touch with Ian @


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