The quick and easy way to get your story to our audience in Glasgow and West End

Story generator
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Glasgow West End Today has launched a new tool to help people tell their stories.

Story Generator is a free and easy way to reach our audience in Glasgow and the West End.

It involves you providing the words and photographs for use on our site.

Story generator
We need enough information to create a 300-word article with at least two photographs.


Just fill out the online form (link at bottom of page) giving as much information as you can about what it is you want people to know about.

Stories that would work well are those that involve local people doing things.

It may be a fundraising event, a new group starting up or a local talk of interest.

The story may involve a workplace, however, we offer other products that promote businesses.

You key-in what the story is and provide the details and background.

Story generator
“If your voice is in the article we need you in the picture’


We even ask you to provide the quotes we can use to make your story work.

Then submit the information and we will turn the words and photos into an article for the site.

Important: All articles will be promoted on Twitter and Facebook. Visual stories may also feature on Instagram. If you have any doubts about whether your story works, direct message or email us first. We will let you know whether to go ahead.

The process should take no more than 20 minutes.

We need enough information to create a 300-word article with at least two photographs.

Story generator
Keep your answers clear and detailed and give us some quotes when we ask you.

Why are the photos so important?

It’s really important that you provide at least two images – three would be even better.

One image MUST be the right shape for the top of the article page on our website.

Ideally, this title image will feature a person or a face – the subject or main voice in the story.

But crucially the image  must be landscape and able to take a ‘letterbox crop’ (see picture below).

The second image can be anything, but faces and places help big time as a rule of thumb.

Cropped photo
The title image must allow a ‘letterbox’ crop that features a face and ideally ‘says West End’.

Feel free to send a third and fourth image if you want.


Why are we providing this service?

Glasgow West End Today has a large audience but small resources.

It is not possible for us to create content from scratch  every time somebody gets in touch.

We hope this service will help people get the coverage they want when they want it.



* You can access our Story Generator form here. We reserve the right to decline a story if we think it is not suitable for our audience. Please check before using the service if you are not sure. Email

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