New website and newsletter launched to help tell your stories

Charing Cross
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We have launched two brand new platforms – and we would love you to use them.

Our new website has gone live – and we have published our first electronic newsletter ‘My Glasgow West End’.

We hope you enjoy both and would love you to spread the word.

Argyle Street
Our new platforms have gone live across Glasgow and the West End.

Both platforms are there to help you get noticed.

And we have made it easy for you to tell your story – and at no cost.

It’s a FREE service.

Our ‘Story Creator’ helps you put together your own words and pictures, free of charge.

It allows us to channel our resources into building our growing social audiences and promoting the content.

‘Time and expense’

We think the Story Creator is a great fix for small businesses and groups that don’t have a marketing budget.

Press material can often cost companies hundreds of pounds and take weeks to develop.

And then after all the time and expense there is no guarantee it will be picked up by the press.

And if it is, there’s nothing to say it will hit the audience you want – even if the platform is city-wide.

Byres Road
The Story Creator is a great fix for small businesses without a marketing budget.

If you are living and working in Glasgow and the West End and you rely on local trade, then that audience will be right here.

And that’s why Glasgow West End Today is such a good fit for businesses who rely on local footfall and deliveries.

We have 34,000 social media followers and growing – and most of them are coming to us because they like our local content.

We know most of those followers are local to Glasgow and the West End.

Check out what we can do to tell your story.

What have you got to lose? It’s a free service, after all.


  • This is NOT an advertorial service. This is a channel for engaging news content. 
  • We retain full editorial control over what is published and edited.
  • We can offer paid content if your messaging is more commercial.
  • Our ‘Story Creator’ tool can be found here.
  • Our newsletter ‘My Glasgow West End’ is here. Please subscribe.
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