Brother and sister ready to open Cavavin on Hyndland Road

Yvonne and Alan Cozens
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A family partnership is bringing a taste of France to the West End.

Sister and brother Yvonne and Alan Cozens have taken over the former Peckham’s store on Hyndland Road and are busy preparing the space to open Cavavin.

The new shop will be an upmarket wine and spirits outlet with an emphasis on exclusive ranges, exotic spirits and tasting events.

Shop front
The former Peckham’s store on Hyndland Road. Photo: Google.

Planned to open at the end of the month or beginning of December, Hyndland will be the first Scottish location for the family-owned French brand.

Yvonne said she was excited to be setting up in such a prime spot. 

“We feel so lucky to have found such a perfect location for what we want to do.

“We have done our homework and really think people will enjoy what we have to offer.”

She said she was undeterred by the upheaval and uncertainty around the pandemic.


The Cozens, who are twins, say they were looking to set up store in Glasgow well before the health emergency.

The experience of the chain’s outlets in England has suggested there is a market for high-end wines in lockdown.

“We have done our research and I have been in touch with our other stores.

“They are reporting strong sales despite what is going on.

Yvonne and Alan Cozens are hoping to open their store shortly.

“Because they are staying in, people are wanting good quality wines.

“And we are offering them products they would not get in the supermarkets or other chains.”

Cavavin has 150 shops in mainly France and Switzerland.

The company owns its own vineyards in Bordeaux and works with 150 independent and accredited winegrowers and partners to bring exclusive wines to customers.

Yvonne, who lived in Switzerland for eight years, said tastings would be a regular feature of the new store.

“We feel so lucky to have found such a perfect location for what we want to do”

Yvonne Cozens

“We are having a huge table built by someone on the Isle of Bute where my parents live. It will fit up to 12 people.

“We will have ongoing wine-tastings and spirit-tastings and create a lot of regular events for people to come in and try, possibly every couple of weeks.”

Yvonne and Alan have brought onboard a local wine expert who will be joining the team. 

“This person has got a lot of certificates and years of experience. I’ve lived abroad and travelled a lot and love wine, but I needed someone who really understands the wines. And I think we have found that person.”

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