‘Storytelling is the best way for local businesses to get heard’

The West End News Club
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We’re constantly thinking of new ways to help our communities and businesses.

Creating a sustainable and free-to-use news platform is where we’re concentrating our efforts.

But to make that work we need free and easy content – and content that is both local and new.

Argyle Street
Building a sustainable news platform for the West End.

And that is not always easy to come by.

One of the barriers we have identified is the lack of marketing means for many small operations.

Bigger set-ups get attention because they have money to spend on PR and press releases.

And it’s this kind of material that gets you seen.

‘Smaller voices’

In the present climate, publishers of all sizes will bite the hand off anyone offering instant words, pictures and video.

But what about the smaller voices who can’t afford to spend hundreds of pounds on press coverage?

Well, that’s where we think we can help.

We want to set up a local network of small businesses and groups who we can work with.

Local news of local interest.

We are calling it The West End News Club.

It’s free to join and the only criteria is that you need to be based in Glasgow and be small enough to value our help.

Oh, and you must be active on Instagram.

We want to use Instagram to show members what we’re looking for and how to send in information easily and regularly.

Editor Ian Marland said: “These are challenging times for everyone.

“And we know what it’s like to work with tight resources.

“We hope our News Club can help local shops and cafes get noticed and attract support.

“By using Instagram, where we know small businesses like to hang out, we hope to create a quick and easy channel for people to send in their news and pictures.

‘It’s free to join and the only criteria is that you need to be based in Glasgow and be small enough to value our help’

Glasgow West End Today

“Most of what people send in will be published in our recently-launched newsletter ‘My Glasgow West End’.

“More detailed stories can be posted on our website, and we would hope to feature as much as possible across our social media channels.

“We think storytelling is still the best way for local businesses to get heard.

“But not everyone has the means to bring that story together and reach the right people.

“That’s where we think we can help – and at no cost to members.”

Glasgow West End Today has an average 30,000 new users every month and 34,000 social media followers.

The site has the largest dedicated digital audience in the West End of Glasgow.

The West End News Club
The West End News Club

How it works: 

  • Send over a direct message via Instagram to join the club for FREE (with no hidden charges or subscriptions).
  • We will add you to our ‘close friends’.
  • Using Instagram ‘stories’, we will send out regular news tips and ideas.
  • We will help you identify things of interest about you and your business or group that could make a story
  • We only need three or four lines to make an item of interest
  • You can send over words and pics via Instagram messages
  • Short items can be published easily in our regular newsletter 
  • If we identify stronger items for our website we will ask you for more detail
  • Images can just be good phone images, and selfies and faces work best 
  • We will share our thoughts on the news items through a chat group that you are welcome to join
  • You can leave the club anytime at all if you want to stop receiving our help
  • You can DM @glasgowwestend or email: glasgowwe@todaynews.co.uk

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