Jo brings a little sunshine to Glasgow charity at Christmas

Jo Sunshine
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A visually-impaired artist says she loves helping others at Christmas.

Jo Adamson, or Jo Sunshine as she is better known, gives her drawings away to good causes because she says she “likes to do my bit”.

People who know her say it’s a typically selfless gesture.

Jo damaged her eyesight in a car crash 14 years ago.

It left her with only one eye with partial vision.

It impacted on her life to the extent that she became homeless and was selling the Big Issue.

But she rediscovered art eight years ago and has established herself as a prolific illustrator.

Jo said: “I have sold more than a thousands pictures.

“My flat has 8,000 pictures in it now – it’s more like a warehouse rather than a home.

“I’m not happy unless I’ve a picture on the go. I send them all over the world.”

Artist Jo Sunshine. Photo: Elaine Livingstone / Glasgow Live

She creates bold neon-coloured images that are inspired by conversations she hears, news of the day or ideas that just come to her.

The colourful crayons allow her to just make out her ‘sunshine’ images.

She has worked with several charities including Home-Start that provides support to families in less-advantaged areas.

This year she has produced a series of Christmas cards for the charity.

Nikki O’Hara at Home-Start Glasgow North in Maryhill said: “Our funding as a charity is always challenging regardless of the pandemic – so Jo’s help is hugely appreciated.

“I’m not happy unless I’ve a picture on the go. I send them all over the world.”

Jo Sunshine

“Her cards help raise our profile with people who become our volunteers. 

“They raise money but they also help to promote our work.

“Jo is a great role model to people being inspiring and resilient.” 

Jo said, who lives in Maryhill, said: “I like to help other charities – I like to do my bit, and I don’t charge them.

“The pandemic has been hard but my pictures have kept me busy.”

Home-Start is the new charity partners for John Lewis and Waitrose this Christmas.

* You can order Jo’s Christmas cards here or by emailing Title image credit Elaine Livingstone / Glasgow Live, and used by permission of Home-Start.

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