Anna, six, makes marmalade to help save endangered turtles

Anna O'Neill / turtles
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A schoolgirl has cooked up a way to help the world’s threatened sea turtles.

Anna O’Neill, aged six, is making marmalade at home in Jordanhill after reading about the animals’ plight.

So far the young wildlife lover has raised £125 by selling her jars to friends and neighbours.

Mum Cordelia helped her with the recipes for three kinds of marmalade: orange, orange and whisky, and lime.

The marmalade is selling for £3 a jar and people are also giving donations.

All the money raised is going to conservation charity WWF, which is helping marine turtles off the island of Fiji, in the Pacific Ocean.

Anna said: “When I learned about plastic in the oceans choking the animals I nearly screamed because it was so sad.

“They are very cute. We need to look after animals and trees and nature because we would die without them.

“That is why I wanted to help WWF.

“I feel really happy for the turtles now.

Anna O’Neill: helping to preserve turtles by making marmalade

“The reason I wanted to make marmalade was because of Paddington Bear.”

Anna’s efforts have not gone unnoticed.

WWFScotland tweeted a picture of the youngster with her marmalade, calling it “an inspiring story”.

The CEO of multi-national Unilever Alan Jope saw the story and said: “Well done, Anna! What a creative fundraiser idea.

‘When I learned about plastic in the oceans choking the animals I nearly screamed because it was so sad’

Anna O’Neill

“I will be sure to let my friends in Glasgow know.”

Mum Cordelia said: “Anna got very upset when she heard about the plight of the sea turtles of Fiji and wanted to do something about it. 

“We adopted her a turtle for Christmas and then she decided to try and raise some money.

“She originally wanted to set up a stall in garden and sell Ribena but then she decided to do this instead.”

Anna wins praise from conservation charity WWF Scotland.
A threatened marine turtle

Anna said: “A lady who lives near us brought me a card from Paddington. 

“It said ‘well done’ and he wished he lived in Glasgow to be able to taste the marmalade.”

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