Bark in the Botanics … luxury kennels plan for disused station

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Pampered West End pooches could soon be enjoying luxury stays under a famous Glasgow park.

Plans are well advanced to breathe new life into the former Botanic Gardens Station.

The derelict underground railway complex is to be fitted out as an upmarket dog hotel.

The crumbling platforms will be refurbished and dog accommodation installed.

Even the old tunnels will be opened up and used as exercise runs for the spoiled guests.

The kennels plan is the idea of local dog owner and businessman Russell Jack.

He said he couldn’t see a problem with the idea and wondered why no one had thought of it before.

“It’s a perfect location for dog kennels and a wonderful use for such a beautiful structure.


“The kennels will be fitted out with all the mod cons and everything a West End pooch could want.

“They will have heated dog pads and touch-sensitive lamps to keep warm.

“There will even be a ‘coffee bar’ for the guests with treats and snacks.

“And we think there might even be a dog cinema – if you can believe that!”

A random artist’s impression of a station

It’s fair to say the pet hotel – possibly called Chew Chews or The Dug Inn (get it?) – won’t be cheap.

A seven-night stay for pets will set owners back £500 – but, hey, it’s the West End!

Russell said the market had exploded over lockdown with dog ownership up (lots).

‘The kennels will be fitted out with all the mod cons and everything a West End pooch could want’

Russell Jack

‘Yeh, sure no one can go away at the moment and holidays might not be a thing for a while.

“But things will get back to normal and the kennels will be in huge demand.

“It can’t fail and no one could possibly think this was a bad idea.”

But local resident Josephine King thinks the plan is a bad idea.

“It’s almost unimaginable that this is even being considered.

Dogs pictured (above) in the West End could be guests at the Botanics kennels

“Somebody must be having a laugh.

“People are going to be driven daft by howling dogs up at all hours of the day.

“What kind of person could even begin to think this kind of thing up (erm)?

“I love dogs – but give it a rest, this is bonkers!”


Botanic Gardens Station was opened in 1896 by the Glasgow Central Railway Company.

It was closed to passengers in 1939, and the line closed in 1964. 

A spokesman for the city’s planning committee said they had no record of an application for a dog kennel at the location. 

“I suggest you check today’s date and come back – that’s a barking mad idea,” said the spokesman.

  • Watch this space. You decide if the plans will ever take off – or whether it’s a shaggy dog story.
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