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Words are at the heart of what we do for you.

And our Feature Story package includes a well-crafted article told simply and clearly.

In the digital world those words have to be engaging and shareable.

Our USP is that these words are shared across all our social feeds and platforms (website and newsletter).

  • Feature Story is a 10-day partnership and costs £195 + VAT

Our posts not only drive readers to your story online, they carry that story as well.

And our ‘press cutting’ means you can also turn our words into print.

Display your news flyer (sent to you as a PDF file) where it will be seen by more people.

Feature Story Banner … words
Words are at the heart of what we do.

Here is how ‘Feature Story’ works: 

  • HELLO. You come to us with your news and we get to work straight away gathering details over the phone.
  • VISIT. If we think your story will work for our audience, we will come out to you and get any further information we need.
  • SHOOT. We can also gather additional phone images then … so you need to be looking your best!
  • PHOTOS. We are happy to use submitted images if we think they will work for our site and you have permission to use for promotional purposes.
  • DISCLAIMER. We are NOT a photographic agency but we can source professional images at additional cost.
  • WRITE-UP. When we think we have the right images we will go away and create the article that best tells your story to our audience.
How our ‘social news post’ look
  • APPROVAL. You get to see the words and images we choose before publication.
  • REVISION. When you are happy and any changes have been made, we publish …
  • START … and our 10-day partnership gets under way at this point … 
  • FACEBOOK. We follow up with a 300-word version of that article posted on our Facebook page with a link to our web article
Carrying your story in more ways than one.
  • INSTAGRAM. Next, we will post a 300-extract on Instagram with a selection of images.
  • TWITTER. Over the next 10 days we will tweet and retweet the article link, with a caption/ short thread telling your story.
  • NEWSLETTER. We will also include the article link and a short caption in our regular newsletter to our targeted mailing list.
  • ACTION. In all, you get TEN (10) different social media actions from our accounts, including a ‘social news post’.
Our ‘press cutting’ can tell your story in print
  • MESSAGING. We don’t share our social media content with you before we post, but be assured ALL text and quotes are based on the original feature.
  • BOOST. You can choose to boost the post on Instagram or Facebook.
  • CUTTING. We send you a ‘press cutting’ as a PDF file which you can print out and display as you please.
  • REPORT. We send you a performance report explaining how your story has ‘travelled’ and the ‘circulation’ achieved.
  • INVOICE. If you are happy with your promotion and the guaranteed minimum circulation has been achieved, we will send you an invoice.
News Marketing Partnerships
News Marketing Partnerships

Our partnerships are a little bit different and something new.

They work by telling your story in a way that people want to read and share.

If you have never promoted yourself online, why not give a partnerships a try.

Thank you for reading – Editor 

  • Feature Story is a 10-day partnership and costs £195 + VAT

  • You can email glasgowwe@todaynews.co.uk here to find out more about our Local News Partnerships and how they can work for you.
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