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Content Plus
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Our premium package really makes the most of all our platforms and social feeds.

Like Feature Story and Campaign Extra, Content Plus has your story at its heart.

But we give you more content and more access to our audience.

  • Content Plus is a 21-day partnership and costs £395 + VAT

And you get more of our time (21 days of partnership) along with targeted newsletter sponsorship.

You also get more content, including a social media video designed for maximum engagement and reach.

This package comes with a £40 boost across Facebook and Instagram, and sixteen (16) social media actions.

On top of that, you get web advertising for 21 days and a minimum 18,000 circulation guarantee.

More of everything with Content Plus.

How it works: 

  • HELLO. The process is the same for our other packages. Your story is at the heart of what we do (see Feature Story and Campaign Extra).
  • STORY. Again, we create the story that we think will best engage our audience, with images that either you can supply or we can arrange.
  • 21 DAYS. This is our longest partnership at three weeks, which means we have even more time to tell your story.
  • VIDEO. We will create a social media video running between 30 and 60 seconds.
How we do our video. Shot and edited on iPhone.
  • SOCIAL. That content will have your story at the heart and will be designed for maximum engagement.
  • STYLE. You have a choice of interview-style video or carousel news images, both with sub-titles.
  • ADVERTS. We will run your ad on our website for 21-days, and that will link through to your feature article.
  • CREATIVES. Either you can supply your own artwork, or we can do the work for you for just £20 extra.
  • NEWSLETTER. We will feature your story alongside your ad in two editions of our regular e-newsletter. (See here)
  • BOOST. We will boost your story across Facebook and Instagram to the tune of £40, which will be deducted from the package cost.
Newsletter flyer
An e-newsletter flyer is also posted on our social media.
  • SHARE. Over the course of the partnership, we will promote and share your story across our social channels sixteen (16) times.
  • ACTIONS. This will include posting links across Facebook and Instagram, and creating Stories on Facebook and Instagram.  
  • GUARANTEE. You will be guaranteed to reach a minimum digital circulation of 18,000. Few local print publishers can guarantee you that reach.
  • ALL-IN. Just to repeat, you get all features included in the other packages: our ‘social news post’; a printable ‘press cutting’ and performance report.
  • DISCLAIMER. Again just to stress, we are NOT a photographic agency but we can source professional images at additional cost.
  • INVOICE. If you are happy with your promotion and the guaranteed minimum circulation has been achieved, we will send you an invoice.
Circulation guarantee.

Our partnerships are a little bit different and something new.

We really don’t think any other local publisher is offering such a comprehensive service.

What we provide customers is much more than just passive print advertising.

We creative active campaigns that engage digitally and which can be measured.

If you have never promoted yourself online, why not give our partnerships a try.

Thank you for reading – Editor 

News Marketing Partnerships
News Marketing Partnerships

  • Content Plus is a 21-day partnership and costs £395 + VAT
  • You can email glasgowwe@todaynews.co.uk here to find out more about our News Marketing Partnerships and how they can work for you.
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