Fir sale … Christmas trees arrive at West End Garden Centre

West End Garden Centre
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A forest of Christmas trees has been planted in a tiny corner of Partick.

West End Garden Centre took delivery of its first consignment of festive stock this week.

Around 500 trees will be on sale at the garden centre which is located by the West of Scotland Cricket Ground.

And to make it easier for customers to choose, the trees have been ‘planted out’ in rows.

The trees have been drilled at the base, ranked in order of height and variety and placed on special display stands.

The effect makes the yard look like a forest of fir in the heart of the West End.

Owner Martin McCarron said he wanted to show off the trees in the best possible way.

“No one else is really doing what we are doing.


“We want people to easily see what kind of tree they are buying.

“This way, you can see the shape and height and better imagine how the tree looks in its base.”

Martin and John prepare the trees for Christmas

The trees are from a grower in Dundee, and more stock is expected to travel over in the coming weeks.

West End Garden Centre has a variety of trees for sale.

Martin explained: “There are two main types: a Nordmann fir, which is a much bushier tree and a darker green. 

“And there is a Fraser fir, which is more narrow with a silver, blue underside, and that’s got a slightly stronger smell.

“No one else is really doing what we are doing. We want people to easily see what kind of tree they are buying.”

Martin McCarron

“We have also got pot-grown trees in both types.

“They are grown in their pots and have all their roots, which means you can either put them in a bigger pot after Christmas or plant them in the garden.”

Trees come in all shapes and sizes from four to 14-ft and higher. 

Martin is offering a free delivery service for people living locally.

Assistant John getting into the spirit of the season.

The next few weekends will be busy as people effectively kick off the festive season.

The garden centre also has a range of Easyfix stands that fit the drilled bases.

“We have plenty of trees to go around, but with us offering a free delivery service, they do go fast.

“These first few weekends are going to be very busy – I would try and get in as quick as you can.

  • West End Garden Centre is at 40-44 Peel St, Glasgow G11 5LU and The garden centre is open seven days a week, 10am to 5pm.
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