Advertorial: ‘Pay no joining fee when you sign up to the Western club this February’

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To celebrate its new cardiovascular gym, the Western club is waiving the joining fee for new members this month.

People signing up to any of the club’s tariffs can instantly save £30 on the normal price of membership.

After upgrading its tennis courts in recent months, Western now has some of the most up-to-date gym equipment in the city.

Western Health club
Offer: anyone taking out membership at the club in February will save on the joining fee

Gym manager Mark McLaughlin and personal trainer Adele Crothall say they are looking forward to welcoming new members.

For Mark, the attractions of the new changes at Western are obvious.

“It’s simple: we have totally overhauled the cardio gym on the ground floor.

“New, high-spec equipment has replaced our old machines.

“We’ve stripped back the floors, painted the walls and thoroughly gone through the room to give it new life.

“We’ve even put up bright new visuals. We think people will love what we’ve done.”

Western health club
Visual: a photograph of tennis star Andy Murray looks out over the revamped gym
Western health club
Hi-spec: the new gym offers some of the latest equipment on the market

A giant image of Andy Murray now adorns the main wall of the cardiovascular studio.

The instructors hope the star’s athletic frame will inspire beginners and more experienced gym users.

For Adele, the sense of community and belonging at Western is what keeps people coming back.

The club already has more than 700 members.

Adele says: “Some people might do six weeks in a big box gym – where it can feel a little bit soulless.

“You don’t see the same faces; you are not familiar; things are maybe not so friendly because you are not seeing those people – and it doesn’t feel so much like a community.

Western health club
Running: the machines are ideal for beginners and regular gym users

“People come back to places like this and continue on their fitness journeys because the biggest thing that this club really brings is a sense of community.

“There is always familiar faces, there’s always friendly people around – there’s always someone to help you.

“That sense of belonging is the single biggest thing for people.”

Mark says Western also offers a personal touch where the bigger gyms don’t.

“A lot of the gyms in Glasgow have trainers, but if you go in to the gym you have no staff or instructors around to help you.”

“But we do – we have all the staff here, people who are approachable and want to help you get the best from the equipment and the gym.

Western health club
Super: the new WattBike exercise bikes are a great test of stamina and strength

“At other clubs the trainers will be around – and they might help you for a price, but they wont do anything for free.

“To speak to the trainer at most places you have to pay the trainer – even if you just want a programme.

“We do all that for free.”

The £60,000 investment in the new cardiovascular gym has bought some of the best equipment on the market.

Like the StairMaster step machine which really tests the legs and circulation.

Western Health club
Relax: the new-look cardiovascular studio features bright visuals on the walls

The gym also boasts a SpeedFit Re-curved Treadmill, a new cross trainer and new training bikes.

In addition, the studio now houses a state-of-the art SkiErg ski machine and a Concept 2 rowing machine.

Adele said: “The machines we have now are great for anyone who has any injuries – or anyone who needs rehab but want to use something that’s not impact.

“For example, with the ski machine you can sit in a chair and you get your cardiovascular fitness – you are not taking impact into your knees.

“So, some of these things we have now are good for people who are new to exercise or who are returning to fitness.”

* For a full tariff of members prices visit and contact details for the club here

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