‘It never crosses your mind your child will come close to death’ – mum Norrelle King

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A West End-based cancer charity has been given a boost by a group of fundraising women who work in the insurance industry.

The group, known as Ladies of Insurance, have raised almost £13,000 to help the work of Cancer Support Scotland.

The women were inspired to raise money by Norrelle King after her daughter, Ellanor, was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Norrelle King and Cancer Support Scotland
Funds: Women of Insurance raised almost £13,000 for the cancer charity. Pictured are Colin Graham, chief executive Cancer Support Scotland, and Norrelle King

Norrelle, who works for GS Group in the city, said: “As a mum it just never crosses your mind that your child, whatever their age, will come close to death.

“You don’t ever even want to imagine it but when it happens it is like being thrown into a washing machine.

“It’s dark and it’s hard to breathe and you don’t know when it’s going to stop and your head spins with all the information you are given and all the questions that the information makes you think about.” 

Norrelle turned to Cancer Support Scotland because it helps families and carers as well as patients.

Attending the charity’s annual general meeting, she learned of the non-stop efforts required to prevent a shortfall in funding that could restrict the number of people it could help and decided to weigh in herself.

Handing over the donation of £12,950 to the charity’s chief executive, Colin Graham, she said: “I am truly humbled by how many people cared enough to get involved.


“I step a little lighter knowing that while it is dreadful that other families will have to look to CSS for help I hope the funds we have raised will ensure their wait is not too long. 

“There is a warm hug, tenderness and strong arms through the  CSS doors.”

Colin said: “We are deeply grateful to Norrelle and the Ladies of Insurance group for this magnificent donation.

“All the counselling and complementary services we provide are free and demand for them grows all the time so we need more people like Norrelle and her friends to raise funds for us.”

Anyone who wants to help fund raise for the charity or who wants more information on Cancer Support Scotland’s services should email info@cancersupportscotland.org, visit https://www.cancersupportscotland.org or call 0141 337 8199, Freephone 0800 652 4531.

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