Open Day … Dance School of Scotland in Knightswood invites would-be students

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Scotland’s national dance and theatre state school is throwing open its doors next weekend (Saturday November 3).

Based at Knightswood Secondary School, the Dance School of Scotland has been producing brilliant performers for 30 years.

Dance theatre
Record: The Dance School of Scotland is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Credit: Dance School of Scotland

The education for dance and theatre students is free just like at any other state-funded school.

But students benefit from top-level tuition with state of the art facilities.

Artistic director Kenn Burke – a former principal dancer and assistant director at Scottish Ballet – said: “We are a very unique place.

“We have regular academic schooling for children, but within that academic schooling they come out for two periods a day…

“And we have them for dance (and musical theatre) at the best time of the day.

Dance theatre
Experts: Students benefit from top-level tuition. Credit: Dance School of Scotland

“In the evenings, they stay with us until 5.45pm only, and then they have the night to themselves: play time; homework time – free.

“They are not working until 10 o’clock at night – and that’s what makes us that little bit different from anywhere else.”

Lois Hardie, 16, from Fife, is studying musical theatre at the school.

She said: “I live in the residency building in the school grounds, which has been such a good experience.

“It’s been like having a half-step from living away from home.”

She said: “This is the best place to be before going to a college in London, say.

Dance theatre
No fees: Education for dance and theatre students is free like any other state school. Credit: Dance School of Scotland

“There is nowhere else really like it where you can do your eduction with a Scottish school and where you can get full on musical theatre training.”

The Dance School of Scotland is the country’s only fully funded centre of excellence for vocational dance and musical theatre.

The School, which is funded by The Scottish Executive, is incorporated into the secondary school.

Students at the Dance School not only receive specialist tuition but also take part in the mainstream curriculum of the secondary school.

Dance theatre
Campus: The School is incorporated into Knightswood Secondary School. Photo credit: Dance School of Scotland
Dance School
Poster: Open Day details

Crucially, tuition is free for all who attend, with support coming from the Scottish government and Glasgow city council.

Former students have gone to have careers with leading organisations such as the Royal Ballet, Scottish Ballet, with many ending up on the West End stage.

The school’s open day for would-be students starting in the next academic year takes place this Saturday, November 3.

Watch: The Dance School of Scotland

For further information please visit the Dance School of Scotland website:

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