Marathon effort … nine-year-old friends to run 250km in lockdown for city charity

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Three youngsters are running the equivalent of two marathons each for a hospital charity.

Friends Callum Venturi, Isla Grey and Serge Kendrick are only nine years old and currently under lockdown.

But they wanted to use their time constructively in a common cause even though they can’t be together.

They have set a target of running 250km between the three of them over June.

Three friends
The friends wanted to do something to bring them together during lockdown.

The hope is to raise £1,000 for the Glasgow Royal Infirmary Dorcas Charitable Trust.

It’s their way of staying in touch, keeping fit and doing something to help others.

The trio will keep daily tallies, running separately but united by their ultimate goal.

Football fan Callum said: “We’ve been friends for more than five years and have been missing seeing each other since the lockdown started.

“We were chatting together online and came up with the idea to do the run.

“We can’t wait to make it to our 250K target and raise money for patients at the Royal Infirmary.”

Keen runners

The children will have 30 days to complete the task on routes from their homes in the West End.

They will be accompanied by their parents, who are all keen runners.

Isla and Callum go to Hyndland Primary and Serge goes to Notre Dame.

Callum’s dad Marco said: “We were wanting to help a small charity, one of those who rarely receive help.

“Isla’s mum suggested Dorcas as she works at the Royal Infirmary as a geriatrician and stroke doctor and knows how hard they work.

“The children will only run with their parent, they can’t do it together because of social distancing.


“It’s a way to feel together even though apart.

“They’ve been close friends since nursery and are now missing each other a lot.”

Glasgow Royal Infirmary Dorcas Charitable Trust – – helps to make hospital stays more comfortable for patients and supports people in need.

It also helps patients to make the transition from hospital to home, through providing clothing, cleaning services and other essential resources.

Profits from the hospital’s Mabel Tearoom are poured back into the charity.

* Anyone wanting to donate to the friends’ running challenge can give money here.

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