The Finnieston restaurant makes it easy to tip struggling staff

The Finnieston
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A Glasgow restaurant group has helped kickstart a campaign to support Scottish hospitality workers during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Kained, which has several outlets in Glasgow and the West End, has teamed up with a tech platform to gather in tips for struggling staff.

Michaela Ball, Finnieston bar manager, and Matt Doyle, The Oyster Bar manager, launch the national TiPJAR & Hospitality Action charity campaign to Support Local and raise funds for Scottish hospitality workers. Photo: Martin Shields.

TiPJAR is a new cashless and contactless tipping platform that is helping workers boost depleted incomes.

The Finnieston bar on Argyle Street is among the first venues in Scotland to introduce the technology.

Kained’s 100-strong team, and thousands of others nationally, are living on reduced wages.

The contactless tipping boxes will allow customers to give a £2 cash-free donation that goes directly to the support charity Hospitality Action to distribute to hospitality workers across Scotland – including the Kained team. 


Half of the money goes straight to Kained staff and the other half donated to a national pot to help the most at-risk workers.

Graham Suttle, MD of Kained, said: “We are proud to kick off a national campaign to bring support and a much-needed lifeline for so many, in such difficult times.  

“Our customers are as much part of the family as our team, and have asked so many times to help they now have a safe and direct way via this award-winning platform, to help support our amazing team and those most in need across the nation.” 

James Brown, founder of TiPJAR and retail director of BrewDog, said: “Having started my hospitality career working in bars in the city, I couldn’t think of a better place to launch this campaign. 

Kained Holdings has teamed up with TiPJAR and Hospitality Action to kickstart a national charity campaign to help Scottish hospitality workers during the COVID-19 crisis. Photo: Martin Shields.

“As many staff and businesses now face their toughest challenge of the pandemic so far, we wanted to do what we can to help the staff at Kained and staff all across the U.K.”

All funds will be donated towards Hospitality Action who will distribute funds to hospitality workers in Scotland. 

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