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Newsletter post Issue #33
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Our e-newsletter is back after an extended summer break and we’d really like you to take a look.

A school making history, a daughter’s charity fundraiser and the latest summer festival are just some of the stories covered this week.

We try to keep our content positive and a little bit different.

But we are always local and we like to think we offer a wee bit of quality amid the gush of digital news.

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Our e-audience is a big part of our plans to keep Glasgow West End Today moving forward.

We are a not-for-profit platform, and the vast majority of our content is unfunded – ie we don’t get paid for writing most of what we publish.

Our model, however, is to slowly grow our sponsored offerings to help local partners in the community.

Local news direct to your inbox

And our newsletter is part of the offerings that make our platforms attractive to local businesses.

We use all our social channels and newsletter to spread the word about our partners.

As anyone involved in digital publishing knows, generic web advertising generates only a tiny revenue – and just enough to cover our web overheads.

Our e-newsletter is back after an extended summer break and we’d really like you to take a look’

Glasgow West End Today

So, we’d really hope you can add your name to our mailing list.

We aim to offer extra content and giveaways as and when more partners use our services.

Every new subscriber makes a huge difference.

Thank you for supporting what we do – Editor.

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