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🎥 WATCH - What a fantastic sight. Otters seen swimming in the River Kelvin in the heart of the West End.

Four otters were spotted by onlookers near to Benalder Street Bridge in Partick on Saturday (January 16, 2021).

We can’t think when these residents were last seen so far down river on the Kelvin.

Two animals were filmed further up river in the summer, near Dawsholm Park.

That otters are populating city stretches of the river just shows how much the water quality has improved over the years.

Comments on social media suggest the river dwellers seen today may have been chasing young salmon heading back out to sea.

Video footage copyright: Pete Shepherd.

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Otters spotted on the River Kelvin in the West End Saturday, January 16, 2021.

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In all my time travelling around the west coast and the Hebrides I’ve hardly ever seen an otter. I’ve glimpsed one ducking under the water in Loch Linnhe and I’ve seen their tracks on a beach at dawn in Coll but to my disappointment I’ve never seen them close up.

So it was with great surprise that my first decent encounter with not one, but four otters was behind my flat on the River Kelvin in Glasgow this morning!

What an awesome treat to see these animals surfing the foamy brown torrent of the Kelvin, scampering up onto an island and squabbling together over plundered fish.

Hopefully we’ll see them again!

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Fractured light ... Bingham’s Pond, Gartnavel, #Glasgow. Tuesday, January 12, 2021.
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It doesn’t get better than this view over the Park district in winter.

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Don’t you wish you had this view?

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