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We are inviting West End residents and businesses to get involved in what we do.

It’s a double appeal to the community to help take this growing news service to the next stage.

We need local people with an appetite for news, who know the West End well, and who can write engaging content.

And we need forward-thinking local businesses to support that content in return for promotion.

Growing: GWET has got a rapidly-growing audience.
Growing: GWET has got a rapidly-growing audience.

It’s a hyperlocal model: local writers being supported directly by the local businesses and organisations that will benefit from an engaged and growing audience.

So what can we offer? To writers or journalists – budding or seasoned – we provide a distinct news platform that we think is starting to be valued by a West End audience.

To younger hacks who just want to write and report, we can offer invaluable experience on a digital platform and the chance to get noticed.

The content remit is wide and we don’t want to prescribe too much.

But some of the area’s of West End interest we are keen to cover include:

* Arts and entertainment – local music scene, theatre, galleries and exhibitions. Where do you start?

* Bars, cafes and restaurants – the hospitality and restaurant scene; new-openings, offers, staff moves, events. Again where do you start?

* Local sports scene – football possibly, but particularly keen for coverage of local rugby, cricket and squash and tennis etc. So many options and clubs to go at here.

* Cycling – we like cycling issues, and so do many West Enders. What are the issues, shops and route news that cyclists should know about? This could be a great resource for people on two wheels.

* Local business content – there are so many great businesses with a story to tell, and we think there is someone out there ready to tap those stories. Again where do you start?

This is just an idea of some of the content areas that would help build our audience. You may have other ideas or interests. Let us know.

And if you’re a business, what do you get in return for being a content sponsor?

Well, you get advertising on the post and, if you want, on the site too.

We can also make a short promo film if that is an option you want to go down.

All our prices are extremely competitive. You could be sponsoring content for as little as £60 per post.

But do the figures add up if you want to sponsor? We think so.

It’s still early days for Glasgow West End Today but already we are set to reach 10,000 unique user views to the site in February.

We think we can double that audience by the summer with more writers onboard – and then the figures will grow again.

On social media, there is also a way to go but in ten months our Facebook likes and Twitter followers have gone from zero to more than 7,700 – and are rising quickly.

We aim to be at 10,000 by the summer.

So get in touch if you want more information about either writing or sponsoring content.

* You can reach us via Facebook, Twitter or by email

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